[the occasional] Dumb Sketch

Backing away from the daily sketching of 2015, to observe more slowly and acutely.

Waiting for Twelfth Night—#164

Eager audience around the thrust stage



About kirkistan

Kirk Livingston is a copywriter in St. Paul.

8 comments on “Waiting for Twelfth Night—#164

  1. weisserwatercolours
    June 13, 2015

    it is just so great that you take on any subject, anytime. I think–and I’m sure others will agree–that it’s time to take the ‘dumb’ away from your heading and maybe substitute it with the word ‘one’ (or something like it).

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    • kirkistan
      June 13, 2015

      That’s very kind of you. “Dumb” has been my salvation, honestly, because it sets the bar so low.


  2. createarteveryday
    June 13, 2015

    I agree with Lance. I’m amazed at the scenes you tackle. And color too? Did you add this at the time, or later? You’re brave, guy!

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    • kirkistan
      June 13, 2015

      No, waited until after then I colored it. There is a guy in Saint Paul, however, Ken Avidor, who is a professional sketch artist. I’ve seen him stand around at parties, engaged in conversation, with paints (tiny) and sketchbook in one hand, brush in the other. Painting while talking. Perfectly agreeable and engaged. And sketching/painting. That is amazing.

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  3. memadtwo
    June 13, 2015

    I agree as well (and I think I’ve mentioned that the dumb doesn’t fit before). They do look eager. And I trust their attention (and yours) was rewarded!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kirkistan
      June 13, 2015

      It was a good play. Mu Performing Arts, with an Asian-American take on old Willy Shakespeare. Parts were very funny.

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