[the occasional] Dumb Sketch

Backing away from the daily sketching of 2015, to observe more slowly and acutely.

#1–Cutting Board


About kirkistan

Kirk Livingston is a copywriter in St. Paul.

2 comments on “#1–Cutting Board

  1. 7891samoth
    December 2, 2014

    Nice – I’m looking forward to seeing one each day for the rest of december – and maybe you will not be able to stop, and you might as well continue the rest of 2015 ! – I really like this one.. I’d like to start doing a series of everyday object still lifes aswell. Take a look at the still-life photo-series of Tim Diggles here http://timdiggles.wordpress.com/still-life/ – I think they’re really good. Maybe they could server some inspiration. As for your drawing – I’m wondering if you intentionally modified the perspective (because this reminds me of a van gogh!) – or if it’s not intentional. If it interrests you, you could try and do a search for the rules of perspective drawing – you just need to be aware of the horizon and the vanishing points, and then it gets easier.

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    • kirkistan
      December 2, 2014

      Thanks for the comment. I’ll take a look at Diggles. Unfortunately, the perspective is unintentional. Today I will start with the rules of perspective drawing–great idea. Thanks for your encouragement.


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